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Exposition Rouge de Plaisir au jardin botanique - Parc de la Tête d'Or, Lyon

Rouge de plaisir - Exhibition

Until November 4th, 2012, the botanical garden has an exhibition on the theme of the red

Lipstick red, cherry red, blood red, ruby red, burgundy, scarlet or crimson ... If it evokes the color red, what do you think?

Rather love and passion, hell and damnation or destruction and danger?

One thing is certain:  In nature, this color is pervasive and can have several meanings.

The botanical garden offers you to come and meet the colour through a flower garden, photos, a wild meadow and activities for children.

The opportunity to realise how, in nature also, red can be attractive but dangerous ...!

A color which smells of greed, seduction, passion ... and the venom.

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