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Les Journées Grame 2013

The 2013 Grame Days (Journées Grame)

From January 15 to May 25, 2013, pride of place goes to contemporary musical creativity combined with other artistic forms. 

Held alternately with Musiques en Scène, this biennial festival gives you a chance to discover the work of young musical and digital music artists at the Grame (national centre for musical creativity), in a spirit of openness towards other contemporary artistic forms including dance, the visual arts, theatre and the multimedia arts, etc.

This seventh event is dominated by three themes: music and dance, new instruments, and 3 concerts focusing on Korea.

Putting the spotlight on the experimental and research work of young composers, thanks to the use of constantly evolving technological resources the Grame Days present a rich and diverse programme of 6 mixed and interactive musical concerts, 4 multimedia shows combining music and/or dance and video, films, conferences and 2 exhibitions across Greater Lyonand the department of Rhône-Alpes.

A fascinating window through which to view the art of tomorrow…

The programme on

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Thierry Raspail, directeur du musée d'art contemporain de Lyon
El arte contemporáneo en Lyon

Thierry Raspail, director del “Musée d'art contemporain” (Museo de arte contemporáneo) de Lyon


Thierry Raspail, director del “Musée d'art contemporain” (Museo de arte contemporáneo) de Lyon

En la actualidad no podemos hablar de características específicas en materia de creación como antes. Por el contrario, a nivel de difusión, siempre ha habido en Lyon una tradición de ir en búsqueda del público.  El arte es parte de la vida cotidiana de los lioneses.