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Eric Ladougne, Manager in L'Olivier

Delightful scents and aromas

Eric Ladougne, Manager in L'Olivier

The shop is full of delightful scents and aromas that will be sure to appeal to your taste buds.

What products are stocked in your boutique?

L'Olivier specialise in oils and vinegars, which can be found in both sweet and savory flavours, however also stock many products from sweet jams, tapenades and juices to salad accessories and cosmetics. Not forgetting their extensive collection of salts, peppers and over 100 spices that can accompany anything from poultry to fish dishes. The shop is full of delightful scents and aromas that will be sure to appeal to your taste buds.


Talk about your Oils and Vinegars?

Oils and Vinegars are at the heart of the establishment. L'Olivier was created in 1822, and manages to upkeep its high standard products. The oils and vinegars are of the upmost quality and never fail to please. There is a vast choice offered from fruity vinegars such as mango, passion fruit, raspberry and cherry to savory vinegars such as tomato, chili and pepper. The vinegars can be eaten on savory salads, fruit salads, white fish or meat. There is an abundance of recipes that work perfectly with the products sold in L'Olivier. The oils come in many fragrant, pungent and fresh flavours, from basil to lemon and ginger, truffle to garlic, you are sure to find a combination that suits your taste. The flavours range from subtle to strong and mild to fruity. Some of the oils go perfectly with vanilla ice-cream or white fish.

What are your top selling oils and vinegars?

The top selling oils include the infamous basilic oil, which contains 270g of fresh basil per litre, or the thyme and garlic oil. The top selling vinegars vary, however one of the top sellers has to be the chili and pepper vinegar which goes nicely with salads and white fish. There are also a range of other delicious flavours that include fig, raspberry, passion fruit, cherry and mango that go nicely with sweet fruit salads, fois gras or savory foods depending on the flavour. You will find a range of great recipes on the L'Olivier website.

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