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Grégory Cuilleron

Lyon: the best regional products

Grégory Cuilleron, chef in Lyon and winner of several cookery shows on television.

Grégory Cuilleron, chef in Lyon...

Our cuisine is based mainly on the products found in the region. It is simple cuisine that simply refines the product.

Why does Lyon enjoy such a distinct reputation regarding its gastronomy?

It has one of the best reputations in France, and indeed the world because it uses top quality regional produce and products. We are located here at the crossroads of several unique food-producing areas: Charolais beef, poultry from Bresse, cheese from the Auvergne region and fresh fish from the lake regions located in and around the French Alps. Our gastronomy is based firmly around this excellent local produce, it’s a simple style of cooking that shows off our local products to perfection.

Which local Lyonnais dishes do you recommend?

There are several local "bouchon" restaurants which have earned two stars with their popular dishes of andouillettes sausages and quenelles! However; you could also enjoy these dishes at home. You could also, grill andouillettes in the summer and serve them with a salad, or cook them and served with mustard in the winter and eat them with boiled potatoes. You can find local Lyon quenelles in any good delicatessen and serve them with a financière sauce or a good home-made béchamel sauce. My little secret: try browning them in the oven for a few minutes, this produces loads of new flavor!

Which of Lyon’s eateries would you recommend?

There are plenty: Lyon offers a range of restaurants for all tastes, from the traditional "bouchon" to fine dining, not forgetting our local Asian restaurants!

For the local bouchon restaurants, I’d recommend the inimitable Café Comptoir Abel, Lyon’s oldest bouchon: where they truly serve excellent cuisine. You could also try the Café des Fédérations, Garet, Brunet’s, Meunière or Jura. In a completely different style, the Brasserie Georges offers a superb 1930's setting and a menu with both traditional French dishes and Alsatian specialties. The Potager des Halles, my favourite restaurant in Lyon, offers a new take on French cuisine centered on the product itself.

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Stephen B Wang

30/06/2016 09:15

I am interested in French cuisine and its way of cooking. French dishes have the best taste to me.

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