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Omescape Live Escape Game Lyon

Omescape Live Escape Game Lyon ©
Omescape Live Escape Game Lyon ©
Omescape Live Escape Game Lyon ©
Omescape Live Escape Game Lyon ©
Omescape Live Escape Game Lyon ©
Live Escape Game is the latest trend in interactive games where the virtual becomes reality. A group of players is physically caught in a trap and confined for an hour. Their goal is to escape, using all their senses.
The concept comes from "point and click online video games" that the Japanese had the idea of transcribing into a real experience. After Asia, the concept gradually spread to Europe and France, where the number of fans continues to grow. Today, Lyon, reputed to be "a mysterious city that cultivates its enigmas", has grasped the phenomenon with a "Live Escape Game", a worthy successor to its Asian counterparts. Be part of a unique experience. Live adventure in a unique way... While most LIVE ESCAPE GAMES require you to escape from one single room and unlock a succession of padlocks, OMESCAPE Lyon offers a real adventure with several enigmas that you need to solve to activate the mechanisms leading to the exit. One thing remains unchanged: the time, 60 minutes, and not one second more. Our rooms are multi-compartment and have sophisticated automation systems. They are created by "designers", masters of the genre in Asia, the birthplace of "LIVE ESCAPE GAMES".


Aparcamiento cercano

Langues parlées

Inglés, Francés

Detalles de contacto

36 rue du Plat 69002 Lyon 2ème

Tel. : 04 72 15 71 19


Adulto: de 18,30 a 34 €
Adolescente: de 18,30 a 34 €
Niño: de 18,30 a 34 €
Estudiante: de 18,30 a 34 €.

Horarios de apertura

Todo el año de 10 a 22.
Se cierra, excepcionalmente los días 1er de enero y 25 de diciembre.
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