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[chokola] Bouilllet

[chokola] Bouillet © Fred Durantet
[chokola] Bouillet © Fred Durantet
[chokola] Bouillet © Fred Durantet
[chokola] Bouillet © Fred Durantet
[chokola] Bouillet © Fred Durantet
[chokola] Bouillet © Fred Durantet
Welcome to [Chokola], a "workshop-boutique" dedicated to chocolate in all its forms. Discover the secrets of creations through a fully open workshop, in a fun and friendly place designed New-York loft-style.
Imagine a store where chocolate runs down the wall, where soft marshmallows and caramels nestle beneath glass domes, where bookshelves contain not books but bars of chocolate, where a huge pipe running along the ceiling seems to be filling an overflowing chocolate fountain… Vinyl records and a collection of sunglasses, all made of chocolate, 12 different flavours and colours of lipstick, sparkling chocolate, Bouches B, slip-shaped chocolates filled with hazelnut praline and caramel cream covered in dark chocolate, and maca’lyons. This cocoa enthusiast enjoys surprising visitors.

Langues parlées

Inglés, Francés

Detalles de contacto

3 rue d'Austerlitz 69004 Lyon 4ème

Tel. : 04 78 27 69 53

Horarios de apertura

Abierto de mar. a ven.: 8:30 h-19:30 h, sáb.: 9:30 h-19:00 h. Cerrado en agosto.
Del 01/10 al 31/05, abierto el dom. 8:00 h-13:00 h.


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Philippe Lechat, chef étoilé
Les Halles Paul Bocuse

Philippe Lechat, chef reconocido,


Philippe Lechat, chef reconocido, describe les Halles Paul Bocuse

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