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Le Sucre

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Le Sucre is a cultural site located on the roof of La Sucrière in Lyon. It hosts clubs, concerts, aperitifs, conferences and other events throughout the year.
Le Sucre is first and foremost a site devoted to transdisciplinary programmes, where music, concerts, evening entertainment as well as pictures, graphic design and all types of contemporary creations and innovative culture go hand in hand. It is also a place for sharing. A place of cooperation and exchanges between the world of ideas and the media. Le Sucre hosts training courses, workshops, public and business meetings and conferences. Above all, it's a hub for all pertinent initiatives: forums, festivals, biennials, etc. In this sense, Le Sucre is resolutely open to everyone and more particularly to those who appreciate what it has to offer and enjoy transgenerational environments. Here you will find working people who are curious about new cultural trends and innovations, foreigners who are passing through or reside in Lyon, those employed or involved in the Confluence district, children of the new generation and their parents, those interested in new media and new technologies, mobile and inquisitive urban visitors, lovers of visual, musical and digital creations in search of urbanity and conviviality.


Alquiler de sala, Acceso a Internet Wifi


Bar, Climatización, Aparcamiento cercano

Detalles de contacto

50 quai Rambaud 69002 Lyon 2ème

Horarios de apertura

Del 01/01 al 31/12.
Cerrado martes, miércoles y jueves.


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